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An invaluable resource for the latest land news in the UK, including the latest news on land values and the agricultural land market.

Latest Land News

Land values rise by 3% in the last quarter

Land values continued to rise last year and even managed to outpace double-digit inflation. Following a 3% increase in the last quarter, the average price of farmland outperformed other asset classes such as gold, equities and residential property in the past 12 months.

This strong growth was driven by a continued lack of supply and strong demand from a wide range of buyers, particularly from those looking for natural investment capital to become self-sufficient or for environmental purposes.

Knight Frank, 03 January 2023

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Land values rise by 5.5% in the past 6 months

Against a backdrop of mounting global economic uncertainty, farmland outperformed the majority of other major assets including residential property. Once again farmland is continuing to perform its traditional safe-haven role, acting as a potential hedge against inflation.

There is ongoing demand for land from a wide range of purchasers, particularly from tax and environmentally driven buyers. Given the continued imbalance between limited supply and strong demand, which shows little sign of dwindling, farmland values are predicted to continue to grow.

Knight Frank, 07 October 2022

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Land values have risen by 8% so far this year

Land prices have risen by 8% so far this year and 16% over the past 12 months. This is the strongest rate of annual growth since 2014, outperforming other asset classes.

A lack of supply and strong demand continue to support values. There has been an 11% drop in the supply of land to the previous year, which was already a record low. This has resulted in competition from a wide range of buyers for the scarce amount of land available meaning guide prices are often being exceeded.

Knight Frank, 06 July 2022

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Land values rise by 4% in the last quarter

The average value of farmland is rising at the fastest rate since 2014 as land prices increased 4% in the last quarter bringing annual growth to 14%.

We are now in a situation reminiscent of the 1970s when inflation also soared. During such periods, investors often seek out assets classes that act as inflationary hedges. Gold is one, but farmland, which is a more tangible asset and subject to less price volatility, is arguably a better option.

Knight Frank, 01 April 2022

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Land values rise by 10% in the past year

Land prices increased by 10% over the year, outperforming several asset classes, highlighting lands resilience during periods of economic turbulence and enhancing its reputation as a hedge against inflation.

It seems unlikely that there will be a huge surge in the availability of land for sale next year, and with demand predicted to remain firm land values should continue to climb.

Knight Frank, 04 January 2022

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The 2020 farmland market so far

Record-breaking low supply and rising demand are elements that have stood out for the land market so far in 2020. Demand is supported by the fact that land has a strong track record of not being very affected in terms of economic uncertainty.

Farmers Weekly, 26 June 2020

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Non-farming buyers set the pace in farmland market

Despite the Brexit-related uncertainties, the farmland market has proven more resilient than many might have predicted as land prices increased 2% last year. Investors have played an increasing role in the farmland market as they tend to be attracted to tangible assets as they see them as a safe haven for their capital.

English Estates & Farmland Market Review, Winter 2018/2019 by Strutt & Parker

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