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Land Prices

Find out what influences land prices and what the average price per acre is of land.

Our land is suitable for a number of current uses including; grazing, farming and paddock conversion or for general recreational or amenity purposes. However, due to a rise in land prices over the years, land has become a popular and tangible asset that is seen as a 'safe-haven' for investors, typically outperforming property and shares.

Latest Land News

Land values rise by 3% in the last quarter

Land values continued to rise last year and even managed to outpace double-digit inflation. Following a 3% increase in the last quarter, the average price of farmland outperformed other asset classes such as gold, equities and residential property in the past 12 months.

This strong growth was driven by a continued lack of supply and strong demand from a wide range of buyers, particularly from those looking for natural investment capital to become self-sufficient or for environmental purposes.

Knight Frank, 03 January 2023

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What influences land prices?

There are many national and international factors driving land price higher, including:

At present the rise in land prices is partly due to the ongoing economic troubles in Europe and other parts of the world – in fact the ongoing global economic troubles only seem to enhance farmland's reputation as a safe-haven asset. With no clear end in sight to the problems there is a strong desire to get money into something solid and tangible. As land prices rise, buyers can use their asset for a number of uses from farming to grazing and paddock conversion or for recreational or amenity purposes.

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