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Land Prices

Find out what influences land prices and what the average price per acre is of land.

Our land is suitable for a number of current uses including; grazing, farming and paddock conversion or for general recreational or amenity purposes. However, due to a rise in land prices over the years, land has become a popular and tangible asset that is seen as a 'safe-haven' for investors, typically outperforming property and shares.

Latest Land News

Land values rise by 14% in the past year

The average value of farmland is rising at the fastest rate since 2014 as land prices increased by 14% over the year.

We are now in a situation reminiscent of the 1970s when inflation also soared. During such periods, investors often seek out assets classes that act as inflationary hedges. Gold is one, but farmland, which is a more tangible asset and subject to less price volatility, is arguably a better option.

Knight Frank, 01 April 2022

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What influences land prices?

There are many national and international factors driving land price higher, including:

At present the rise in land prices is partly due to the ongoing economic troubles in Europe and other parts of the world – in fact the ongoing global economic troubles only seem to enhance farmland's reputation as a safe-haven asset. With no clear end in sight to the problems there is a strong desire to get money into something solid and tangible. As land prices rise, buyers can use their asset for a number of uses from farming to grazing and paddock conversion or for recreational or amenity purposes.

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